Crack Open the Food Conversation

At BrokenEggshells, we love food. Every morsel of it.

We’re not talking about just trying new restaurants and keeping up with the trends, but getting into the nitty-gritty of learning about the food ecosystem and debating ethical food policies as well. Here at BrokenEggshells, we wanted to create a platform to not only talk about food, but to think critically about it.

We know that food is a great middle ground.

People all over the world, from all sorts of cultures, share in meals together all the time. When you understand food, you get a glimpse into people, a culture, a community, a source of identity.

However, peoples’ interaction with food is a small percentage of the entire pie, so oftentimes people don’t realize what they make for dinner or what they eat at a restaurant has a much bigger impact than what they give credit for. We want to start changing that. 

If you’re into a holistic, well-rounded approach to food, we’re glad you’re here. If you want to go beyond what you see on Instagram and get into the behind-the-scenes of how that dish got on to the plate, we’re glad you’re here. If you’re just someone who accidentally stumbled across this site in an attempt to learn some new egg recipes, welcome! We’re glad you’re here too. :) 

We’re ready to crack open the conversation of food. After all, you have to break open the egg to make the omelet. 

Your friends at BrokenEggshells

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